York Public School

Pride in Achievement

Telephone02 4731 6577


About our school

The York Public School (YPS) office is open from 8:15am to 3:00pm.

Schooling hours at YPS: 8.45am to 2:45pm

YPS caters for students schooling from Kindergarten to Year 6. An added resource is the support unit which caters for students with hearing disabilities and students with autism.

This year our school reviewed and reiterated the vision statement and long-term goals. The school is committed to excellence in education, humaneness and equity for all. The long-term goals are to provide an environment in which the school community work as partners to achieve the schools long-term goals provide a happy, safe, caring and supportive environment in which students self-worth and self-responsibility are highlighted, provide challenging, structured and sequential programs to meet the developmental needs of students, promote the professional development of all staff in order to enhance the challenging programs and develop financial, administrative and resource structure to enhance quality teaching and learning.